“Can’t go back to change the beginning, but start where you are to change the ending”


“The visual attractiveness of a fire dims. The flames are no longer bold and bright. If you explore deep into the center it still burns hotter than ever. The memorizing trance of power. The fierce red orange ember glows life and energy. Just because the eye can’t see a flame doesn’t mean the fire is distinguished.  The core is alive and strong and will reignite at any moment. All it needs is just a millisecond of air or a tiny particle already near to be in the right place at the exact right time. Imagine YOU ARE A FIRE. Allowing yourself to burn hot from your center.  Never afraid of unveiling your authentic soul. Never to dull down. Let go and set yourself free and Believe In Change; believe in yourself.

About Christina


EYT, Personal & Professional Consultant

As a successful business entrepreneur, a mom of three beautiful children and wife to an amazing man, Christina wholeheartedly believes in “You can’t keep it if you don’t give it away.“  Fulfilling the passion and becoming a certified life and health coach, and after completing numerous fitness certifications including a 200 hour yoga program she discovered how to unlock her own internal power. This created an even deeper desire for wanting to empower others for themselves. With the Consulting education Christina was able to gain more tools to offer clients in successful life altering experiences encouraging others into new habits to create new lives.


Enlightenment Journey

Teaching leading and living by example. Making the conscience choice to live within the conscience mind through the beliefs of authentic yoga. Spirit, mind and the body will follow. Bring the desire to become a leader to fruition or empower your soul by enrolling in the Believe In Change program. Life is exactly what you put into it and you are worth it so let’s go!🦋


A Voice of Long Term Recovery

Christina Fenton proudly is a voice of long term recovery. Sharing the high and low vibration experiences only to let others know SUCCESSFUL RECOVERY DOES HAPPEN! Learn to break the cycles of habit that keep you separated from your spiritual self. Using the 12 step program as a guideline connecting the dots between the spirit, mind and body.