“Can’t go back to change the beginning, but start where you are to change the ending”

Reignite Fire From Within


Personal or Professional Growth Session 

$100 per hour at our office location.

Employee Empowerment

One hour Empowerment inspirational training at your place of business. Invite Christina to re ignite the fire that lives within your employees, bring them to a higher vibrational level in the positions they hold. 

“A happy employee is a productive employee“.

$100 per hour 

travel fee may apply

4 or 12 Week Changing Habits

Meet once a week for 4 weeks to transform habits that no longer serve you. Allow me to introduce a new perspective into your life. 


Allow the heart and mind to grow for a deeper more extensive growth and commit to a 12 week program that will truly open your spirit to the way you live. 


*Programs include an individual diet plan and a mindfulness workout/exercise class each week at our location.*